TDC interview with Paper Empire Australia! May 10 2017

The Design Chaser  TDC has been a favourite interiors Blog of ours for years & we had the pleasure of meeting the founder Michelle Halford last year while she was working in Melbourne. We are thrilled to be interviewed for her blog today & announce a special offer to celebrate the catalogue launch & Colourfeilds release

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paper Empire limited edition print by Stefan Gevers


Sunday 7th May we will be at Federation Square in the BMW edge building with a huge crew of Melbourne's best & brightest creatives.

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2017 Autumn Catalogue now available March 29 2017

Our latest catalogue is now live & can be viewed here!

A beautiful new collection of colour inspired interior products for your home or commercial space to make it truely original.

New work from Stefan Gevers, new mini art prints, new foto factory, new wall hooks and new Snowpuppe in BLACK!!

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Big Design Markets November 16 2016

We are happy to be back at the Big Design Market in Sydney and Melbourne this year.

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ANNUAL STUDIO SALE October 31 2016

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10 Elizabeth st Kensington MelbourneInside Studio

The Life Creative x Paper Empire Australia October 25 2016

A fantastic story has just been released on one of our favourite design blogs

A giveaway of FotoFactory prints accompanies this story & some insight about us! Please check out the story & enter the comp!


Very excited to share Paper Empire will now start releasing ORIGINAL PAINTINGS by Stefan Gevers on a regular basis. Stefan has his sculptures & paintings in leading galleries & 2 state libraries in Australia & later this year will be exhibiting in Europe. Visit our Original Art page for current work!



Today we meet artist Stefan Gevers- one half of Paper Empire Australia & a solo exhibiting artist. From now until April 17 you have the chance to win $150 towards any of his prints. Visit our instagram for details & please comment or ask questions below!

Stefan has work is in the NAB collection, Artbank, State Library of Vic & Qld and numerous private collections throughout Australia and Europe. He has exhibited widely as a solo artist and as part of collaborative exhibitions 


Tell us about an average day - Is there such a thing ?? - how do you get started?

The day starts usually at 6.30am with breakfast, walk the dog and getting the children ready for school. By 9.30 I am usually at the studio in Kensington. I do need to plan my week as otherwise it is taken over by things that don't involve painting. I split a regular day amongst many tasks- some exciting others not so much! Admin, emails and organizing my art classes takes a full day. I try to devote a day in production for Paper Empire, which might be sourcing new suppliers, ordering stock, pre planning fairs and markets. And most importantly is making time for painting- new work for Paper Empire, exhibitions, commissions, etc. These are the day's I really look forward to! When an exhibition is coming up I will be spending more day’s painting, longer days or weekends.

* Stefan has an exhibition currently showing from April 9 to May 8th 2016 at Stockroom Galleries, Kyneton Victoria.


What is the most exciting part of creating art / designing your range / your business in general. Is it difficult to run a creative business. Any advice?

 Ultimately painting is what makes me happy and what I am good at. New work doesn't always come easily and it can be quite a struggle to finally come up with work I am happy with. Working with watercolour can be frustrating as it is such an unforgiving medium. Mistakes mean I may have to start again and loose days of work. It's something that a creative person has to get used to & it is also an important part of resolving creative hurdles. I feel great about actually making a living with what I love to do, although it is not always that easy. Its also important for me to have a studio outside of home. Watercolour painting is developed in stages & I will often work on several pieces at once- leaving them out to consider the next stage is important.





How long have you been working as an artist- what changes have you noticed in that time - technology; design trends; customer expectations;   

I have been making Art since I was 17 and I am now 47. In those years Ihave made large scale oil paintings, acrylic, sculptures and worked with watercolour. The biggest change would be the use of social media and how important it has become to market my work. In the "olden" days you would show your work in galleries once or twice a year and rely on people walking in. That still happens but it can't be your only way of putting your self out there anymore. Customers expect to see your work online and be able to buy on line as well. On the flip side I had the privilege to teach watercolour painting to 3 Aboriginal artists from Yamaji, Garaldton WA. A great experience to work with these traditional painters & learn from each other.



PE firmly believe art can transform. It can transform a room, it can lift your spirits, it can change your thinking. Have you ever experienced this?

Art is an essential part of society as it reflects and comments on that society in fundamental ways. It can change the feel of a space and can touch you emotionally. I have stood in front of paintings that made cry, gave me goose bumps and changed my way of thinking. Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgois and Eduardo Chillida to name a few. A world without art would be pretty boring! 

Do you have a favourite piece of art?

I have lots of favourite pieces of art and in particular exhibitions. The Documenta in Kassel, Germany has made a great impact on me in my earlier years and discovering Chillida's work in Spain greatly influenced my work. Francesco Clemente makes large scale watercolours which are impressive and is one of my favourite watercolour artists.


Eduardo Chillida Sculpture


Welcome to our 2nd artist Interview series! Every few weeks we introduce you to a Paper Empire Artist & they will share some inspiration & stories about their practice. An opportunity to win a piece of their work will also be available with every interview! Simply share a reaction to this interview or their work here or on our Instagram page to win $150 of Faunascapes products of your choice.  *Competition closes March 26, 2016

Faunascapes is the creation of Hanne Scheel Mikkelsen & Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen. Since 2008 they have worked together under the name Whatwedo across different media and disciplines.

Hanne holds a bachelor degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. Tobias has worked freelance as a commercial illustrator since 2001. He holds a bachelor degree in graphic communication from The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Together they form a strong team under the banner Whatwedo.

In 2013, Paper Empire Aust. approached the couple as their first international artists to represent & manufacture. A wonderful collaboration was formed where all faunascapes products are produced in Australia and a series of new products have been developed exclusively for the Australian market, including greeting cards & removable wall decals launching in April 2016!

Tell us about an average day / What is the most exciting part of creating art?

Well - there’s a lot of contrast from day to day. Our work tasks range from seeking inspiration over freelance design assignments to promotion of our art prints and administrational work. It takes a whole different mindset when designing than when doing promotional work. So the favourite among these days are the ones where we actually scheduled 3 hours in the morning for brainstorming ideas and sipping coffee - and these 3 hours somehow always turns into the whole day - and at the end of the day we realize that we didn’t even finish half of the work we planned for that day!

As we are husband and wife we spend almost all day together - at home and at work. So the boundaries between work and home are non-existent. We like to discuss ideas all day - also at the dinner table.

But at the same time we are glad that we have a studio space in central Copenhagen. In theory we could work on our freelance assignments from a desk at home but the studio space helps us to get out the door once in a while! - and as it is customary here in Copenhagen we ride our bikes to work - about 2 km back and forth.



Is it difficult to run a creative business. Any advice?

When asking creatives whether or not they have a hard time running a business we think the answer will always be: YES! It’s always a balancing act between creative ambitions and making a living - and it’s even harder when you’re also a bit of a perfectionist. At some point down the road you come to the conclusion that you have to cut a corner once in a while to keep the wheels turning - that’s hard to swallow - and even harder when you realise that cutting too many corners also closes some doors - so as we said: a balancing act between creative ambitions and making a living.


Hanne & Tobias have a shared studio in Copenhagen with the On Purpose design collective

How long have you been working as an artist- what changes have you noticed in that time - technology; design trends; customer expectations;

Tobias has been freelancing as an illustrator since 2001 and started working with ink and water-color - but for the main part of his career he’s been working with a more simple computerized style in Adobe illustrator because of simpler workflows. Now the tactility of ink and water color are often simulated on the computer. Our art print range The Faunascapes could never have been created without a computer - though inspiration comes from old analog double-exposure techniques developed by early photographers. We embrace the new technological workflow and love the opportunities created by technology. - both creatively and promotional.

Do you have a favourite piece of art?

At the moment it’s “Cactus composition #01” by Mai Aabenhus aka Sacre Botanica - which we also interviewed for our book Danish Art Prints. She really captures the current design trend of nature/flowers in the most beautiful way - and it really fits our current living room decor.



Artist Interview Series - Foto Factory February 29 2016 5 Comments

Welcome to our first artist Interview series! Every few weeks we introduce you to a Paper Empire Artist & they will share some inspiration & stories about their practice. An opportunity to win a piece of their work will also be available with every interview! Simply share a reaction to this interview or their work here or on our Instagram page to win a Foto Factory Print. 

* competition closes March 4


We begin with Foto Factory-  Martin Bay & Maria Rosendal

We have a small photo gallery in a tranquil harbour in

Copenhagen. During the year we try to travel for at least three months

to get new material and to be out in the rural and natural

environment. We are both born in Denmark and moved to Copenhagen years

ago - Denmark is very small so it really doesnt matter where you are

from in Denmark. The most important thing is that we have lived abroad

several times on different continents. Living and traveling in

Australia for half a year was a dream come true and we learn a lot

about living in remote and rural communities. The wildlife of Australia

was breathtaking and a joy to photograph.


Tell us about an average day. Is there such a thing for you?!

Maria Rosendal: I used to think that a nature photographer spent most

days in the wild, but its not true!

 Most days start with coffee and work in the workshop.

We are often on the road when we work and therefore we need to plan a lot of details

before leaving the studio. This is quite different to when we are on the move we try and

follow the weather and intuition! One day could start very early to catch the first light

before the sun gets up. This is the hard part,you often need to get up very early because

you newer know what wait you until you are outside of the van. Also you need to get to

the location you want to photography. After a few hours with the camera its time for

breakfast and a long day to scout for locations and opportunities to get interesting

images. Also the time around sunset are also important and can result in some long nights.



What is the most exciting part of creating art / designing your range

/ your business in general.

Martin Bay: The most exciting part is taking images and being in

nature. Being in the wild and feeling the fresh clean air is the most

enjoy able part of nature photography. Second most exiting and nearly

scary is when you get home at you are nervous about what you actually

have of images you can use. Sometimes you have been on the move for

several weeks and then you can hardly remember what you did in the

beginning of the trip. If something is unsharp or out of focus you can

never get back to the same place and the same conditions so you have

the be certain you have what you need when leaving a scene.



Is it difficult to run a creative business. Any advice?

Maria Rosendal: I think most business are difficult to run and require

hard work. It might feel harder for creative people because being a

bookkeeper, a salesman and entrepreneur is not what you are schooled for.


How long have you been working as an artist- what changes have you

noticed in that time - technology; design trends; customer


 Martin Bay: I have been taking pictures for more than a decade.

Compared to film digital camera have become much more expensive and

very high-tec and you really have to take care of it. In the old days

you would be anxious for you film and when traveling everyone had their

own way to store film & to avoid x-ray! Generally I believe

photography has become much easier, but also more challenging. I

really like the way you can work with digital images and the

possibilities the digital area opens up. In my opinion its still very difficult and takes a lot

of time to get a great photograph you can use for prints & that are actually good enough

to sell.


PE firmly believe art can transform. It can transform a room, it can

lift your spirits, it can change your thinking. Have you ever

experienced this?

 Sure, in Foto Factory we work with photography as decoration. We have

changed offices from boring workplaces to gallery like offices. We also often work

together with interior designer to transform spaces, so yes art change.



Free Shipping on Pre Order FOTO FACTORY February 16 2016

We are thrilled to launch the latest collection with photo artists FOTO FACTORY. Orders placed by midnight Feb 17 will get free delivery on any size print with the code FOTO. This range is so subtle & powerful with stunning sea & landscape images of the Danish & Scottish coats. Every print feels like a story in itself. We love them.


New FAUNASCAPES 2016 February 13 2016

Faunascapes have released yet another stunning collection of posters, ply panels & a little surprise is to come in addition to this range!!! Many more items being released daily. Check these out before prices rise in March


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WELCOME to 2016 with a Discount!! December 29 2015 3 Comments

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Kids101- have you heard??? October 22 2015

Kids Rooms 101 is a children’s interior decorating e-course, created by the world’s largest children’s interior design studio, Petite Vintage Interiors, in collaboration with Online design specialist Ali Hume.

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Botanical Prints Giveaway September 11 2015 29 Comments

We love greenery and plant life & want to share some spring joy with our subscribers … So make sure you have subscribed (we need to contact the winners!) & comment below about which print makes you happy :) 

Chain of Hearts - St Georges Sword - Garden Ivy

Three lucky posts will win an A3 print each worth $80! Closes Sunday midnight  13th Sept


New products launched at Life In Style this week. July 28 2015

Stefan Gevers has been working on a new range of botanical and abstract watercolour prints. All prints and signed and numbered by Stefan.

Life Instyle Trade Fair 2015 July 16 2015

Starting on July 30 to August 2nd, this is the premier trade fair for retail & design professionals. We will be launching new products by Stefan Gevers, Michelle Carlslund, Snowpuppe & Faunascapes as well as introducing new artists Sofie Boersting & Monika Petersen. We will be at stand 2036 & look forward to seeing you there!


Reno Rumble Loves Modern Australian June 23 2015

The finale of Reno Rumble saw contestants battle out a home renovation on a grand scale! Paper Empire was ecstatic to see STEFAN GEVERS limited edition bird prints feature in the Modern Australian house. The judges gushed, the home owners were thrilled and we were so proud to see the Major Mitchell & Red Tail Black Cockatoo feature so resplendently! Several sizes available here

WIN a Snowpuppe Light June 11 2015 14 Comments

**The competition is now closed & congrats to our winner Caroline for her poetic winning entry!!

We have been asked so many times recently about which SNOWPUPPE light best suits a bedroom! So here are some of our favourite examples & your chance to win a Moth light worth $110 ! WHAT to do next? Subscribe to our newsletter (where you will here about these great deals!) And comment below about what you find appealing in these lights- too simple :) Finishes Sunday 14th 10pm



Winter Warmer Competition - Welcome to June! May 31 2015 18 Comments

Super easy to enter- Just comment below on any item shown & why it would warm up your space- be it home, office, retreat! Enter as many times as you like. T&C's: Comp closes June 5. Must follow Paper Empire on Instagram or Facebook & subscribe to our newsletter (We only email once a month! PHEW!!)

One winner will be announced after 8pm June 5th

Possible prizes include - from top left

1. A3 Faunascapes posters - Choice of any 2 designs. Value $60

2. Snowpuppe Moth pendant* - Available on selected styles Value up to $140

3. Join Candle stick set or small storage box * Three Colour options available Value $80

4. A3  Art posters from A mile in the Woods , Choice of any 2 designs. Value $80

*(may not be colour variant shown)



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